Submitting Proof of Hypnosis Or NLP Qualification

In order to approve your membership and certification, we need to verify that you have completed a qualifying course or are already certified by another qualifying body whose certifications we accept. 

You can submit copies (no originals) of your hypnosis diplomas, certifications, or certificates of completion via email to mjheath@hypnosiscredentials.com.

Basically, anything that proves you've taken a course or are already certified by a legitimate hypnosis/NLP organization. There's no need to send us copies of your non hypnosis-related qualifications. For instance, if you have a college degree, don't send it to us unless that degree included courses in hypnosis or NLP. If it did, we'll need to see evidence that you completed those specific courses.

How To Get Documents To Us

You can get us the required documents in the following ways...

We'll be following up with you via email and request this same information, but if you want to get a head start, grab your documentation right now. Scan it and send it to us!

Then What?

As soon as we get your documentation and you're approved, we'll send you information on how to pay your dues. Once that's taken care of, we'll email your certificate(s) to you and give you access to the membership portal and educational content that comes with your membership.