IHA Approved Courses: 

Find an IHA accredited NLP
or hypnosis certification course.

Your path to finding a hypnosis certification course starts here.

Your path to nlp or hypnosis certification starts here.

IHA Approved Courses: 

Find an IHA Approved NLP or Hypnosis Certification Course

Your path to finding a hypnosis certification course starts here.

The IHA is an independent professional association that evaluates hypnosis and NLP courses.

If the course meets the IHA's standards, it is added to our list.

The IHA is an independent professional association that evaluates hypnosis and NLP courses. If the course meets the IHA's standards, it is added to our list.

IHA Approved Courses have all undergone independent peer review and have met the IHA's course approval standards.

IHA Approved Courses have all undergone independent peer review and have met the IHA's course approval standards.

--OrganizationCourse NameLocationLanguageCertification
Axe EmergenceCertified Hypnotherapist
Certified NLP & MNLP Practitioner
FranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Mário Rui Pinto da SilvaCertified Hypnosis TechnicianPortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Neuro Art Sdn BhdBasic Hypnotherapy
Advance Hypnotherapy
Regression Therapy
Master Hypnosis Training Course
MalaysiaChinese, EnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Patanjali InstituteClinical Hypnotherapy DiplomaThailand, Indonesia (Bali), Sri LankaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Yorkshire Hypnotherapy TrainingDiploma in Professional HypnotherapyUKEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Voyage en soiPraticien en hypnose Erickonienne
Praticien en hypnose spirituelle
FranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Vinicius Borsato ForteClinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
The UK College of Hypnosis & HypnotherapyCognitive-Behavioural Hyponotherapy from Level 4UKEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Enlightened Souls Foundation (Thousand Thoughts)Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
India, DubaiCertified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Dr. Renuka GuptaCertified HypnotherapistCanada, USA, IndiaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Suenta HealthSuenta Health HypnotherapyCanadaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Srdjan DjokovicNLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapist
BosniaBosnianCertified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Institute of Soul Based TherapySoul Based Therapy Practitioner CourseAustraliaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
School of ExcellenceNLP Training & Practitioner CertificationIndiaCertified Practitioner of NLPNo
Fajardie Hypnose AutunRapid HypnosisFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
PI Hypnosis InstituteAdvanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Systemic NLP Practitioner
BrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
NOEBOMaster in Clinical and
Psychosomatic Hypnosis
Spain, México, Chile, ArgentinaSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Institut NeolysHypno-Antalgie: Hypnosis For Chronic Pain ManagementFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Pain Relief Specialist
MindBridge TrainingTransformational Hypnosis - An Ericksonian ModelUSA & UAEEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
MasterUPHypnotherapyBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Método Ser MenteCertified HypnotherapistBrazil, PortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Life Cycle TherapiesHolistic Hypnotherapy Certification Course (Foundation Level)EnglandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Life AlignmentorHypnotherapist CertificationThailandThaiCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Indonesian Scientific Hypnotherapy Institute (ISHI CENTRE)Scientific HypnotherapyIndonesiaIndonesianCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Innervisions School of Clinical HypnosisPractitioner Training in Clinical HypnosisEnglandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Academy of Advanced ChangeworkDiploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Diploma in NLP, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Diploma in Clinical HypnotherapyAustraliaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Hypnosis InstituteInternational Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotic Coach Training ProgrammeHong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, GuangzhouCantoneseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Hypnosis101Learn Hypnosis @ HomeUSEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Hypnose OccitanieHypnosis Practitioner TrainingFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
HypnoNLPower AcademyNLP Practitioner Course
NLP Master Practitioner Course
Hypnotherapy Course
MaltaMalteseCertified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
The Horizon Centre School of HypnotherapyHypnotherapy CertificationCanadaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Instructor de Hipnosis Clínica y Coach PNLIntensive Diploma Regressive Clinical HypnosisChileSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Sam Lee - TDET GroupCertified Hypnotherapist & Certified HypnotistMalaysia & ChinaChineseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
PNL LA REUNIONCertified HypnotherapistFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Ericksonian Hypnosis,
NLP & NLP Master Practitioner
FranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
EKAA TRAINING INSTITUTE OF HYPNOTHERAPYClinical Hypnotherapy: Level 5 FINAL CERTIFICATIONIndia, UAE, Muscat, USA, Singapore, Kenya, HongkongEnglish, Hindi, French, Arabic, GujratiCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
EHTI (School of Hypnosis and Integrative Therapy)Ericksonian HypnosisFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Joana DolgnerHIPNOSE CLÍNICA E NEUROCIÊNCIA (Nível Básico)PortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Centre Mahana and CEHRA (centre d'études en hypnose de relation d'aide)Certified Hypnotherapy cursus 5 levelsCanadaFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Cap au 180"Ericksonian Hypnosis Training
Elmanian Hypnosis Training"
FranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
KCN Consultant & TrainingCertified Hypnotist
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Master NLP Practitioner
MalaysiaChineseCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
AetosMaster in Clinical HypnosisItalyItalianCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Vinicius Graça TerapeutaMaster in Clinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Thrive Learning CollectiveMaster NLP Practitioner | Clinical HypnotherapistUSAEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Life EnricherEmotional Hypnotic TherapyThailandThaiCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Complementary TherapiesHypnosis 1: Classical and Ericksonian Hypnosis
Hypnosis 2: Advanced Hypnosis
ArgentinaSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Clovis Pereira HipnoterapeutaHypnotherapyBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Instituto SomataCurso de HipnoseBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
SOCIEDADE INTERAMERICANA DE HIPNOSETraining In Clinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Serharmônico Human DevelopmentClinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
REDes del Desarrollo humanoEricksonian HypnosisLatin AmericaSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Centre of Psychotherapy and Modern Applied Psychology (C.P.M.A.P.)Advanced Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Clinical Hypnotherapy (TCH) - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)
Advanced Professional Diploma: Clinical NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner
GreeceGreekCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Nuno CortezCurso de Hipnose Certificação Internacional
NLP Practitioner
Certificação Internacional
Master Practitioner NLP
PortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Success MaximumNLP PractitionerIndiaCertified Practitioner of NLPNo
School of Rapid Transformational TherapyRapid Transformational TherapyUKEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Istituto Ipnosi SvizzeraERICKSONIAN HYPNOSISSwitzerlandItalianCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Instituto Potencial HumanaPractitioner in Transpersonal NLP
Master Practitioner in Transpersonal NLP
Intensive Ericksonian Hypnosis
SpainSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Giomo InstituteProfessional HypnosisBrazilCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Instituto EvolutivoPractitioner em Programação Neurolinguística - PNLBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Instituto ElixClinical Hypnosis and HypnotherapyBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
HypnotistanbulHypnotic TransTurkeyTurkishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Hypnotherapy Training College AustraliaDiploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Applied PsychotherapyAustraliaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
Mindfulness Hypnotherapy ConsultancyCertified Hypnotherapy PractitionerMalaysiaMalay, EnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
HYPNOS/GPHMCertified HypnotherapistPortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Hypnosis Poland AcademyProfessional School of HypnotherapyPolandPolishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Instituto Comportar TreinamentosClinical Hypnosis COMPLETE TrainingPortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Helder RigoniCertification in Clinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
EPSYTHEClinical HypnosisGreeceGreekCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Cavan Therapy ClinicCertified HypnotherapistIrelandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Career AcceleratorsCertificate of Clinical HypnotherapyAustraliaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
ATMAMClinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
AFNAN ABD. FATAHCertified Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
ACT InstituteEricksonian Hypnosis
Level 1 & 2
Certified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
ACT InstituteAdvanced Ericksonian Regression and ProgressionBrazilEnglish,
Certified Hypnotic Regression SpecialistYes
Academia InpactDiploma In Clinical HypnosisChileSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistNo
Progressive Hypnosis AcademyPractitioner of Progressive HypnosisAustraliaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
NLP Institut RomaniaProfessional Hypnosis Course
Nlp Master Practitioner
RomaniaRomanianCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
New Era Academy for HypnosisCertified Hypnotherapist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
SerbiaSerbian, EnglishCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
DenkArt Mit WirkungCertified HypnotherapistGermanyGermanCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
The Manchester College of Coaching and HypnotherapyCertificate in HypnotherapyUKEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Institute for Professional Coaching, Counselling & Hypnotherapy (IPCCH)Professional Diploma in Clinical HypnotherapyIndonesiaIndonesianCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
Instituto Yatsar de HipnoterapiaIntensive Regressive Clinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Mueller College of Holistic StudiesClinical Hypnotherapist ProgramUSEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
Humanagement GroupCertificación Internacional en Hipnoterapia ProfesionalChileSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
Hipnosis CristalinaHipnoterapeuta en
Hipnosis Cristalina
ChileSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
Hipnose SPClinical Hypnosis CourseBrazil
PortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist/HypnotistYes
The American School Of HypnosisAdvanced HypnotherapyUSEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
Basix Human ExcellenceNLP Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapy
IndiaCertified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Awakening Love AcademyCertified HypnotherapistIndiaCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Instituto Rogério CastilhoAdvanced Systemic HypnosisBrazil, PortugalPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Rodrigo MucciniHypnotherapyBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Process Evolution Hypnose Ericksonienne
PNL Programmation Neuro Linguistique
FranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Inspire NLPProfessional Practitioner Training in Ericksonian based HypnotherapyEnglandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
International NLPHypnotherapy Certification CourseEnglandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Institute of Clinical Hypnosis Ireland (ICHI)Introduction to Hypnotherapy &
Full Advanced Diploma
IrelandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
IBPHCertified HypnotherapistBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Instituto de Formação de Hipnoterapeutas do Brasil (IBFH)Intensive Clinical HypnosisBrazilPortugueseCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
HnO HypnoseHnO Hypnosis TrainingFranceFrenchCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
CHC - Centro Hipnosis ClinicaDiploma In Clinical HypnosisChileSpanishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistYes
E.I.C.H. IrelandProfessional Practitioner CourseIrelandEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Develop YouMental and Emotional ReprogrammingBrazilCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
Institute of Integrative Healing ArtsClinical Hypnosis and Mind Body Healing: Stress, Anxiety, and TraumaTennessee, USAEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist or HypnotistNo
The Northern College of Clinical HypnotherapyDiploma in Clinical HypnotherapyUnited KingdomEnglishCertified HypnotherapistYes
International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners (ICCHP)Diploma in Integrative Evidence-based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health Practice (PDHyp)United Kingdome, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, IndiaEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLPYes
Hypnosis PhillipinesHypnosis Certification CoursePhilippinesEnglish, FilipinoCertified Hypnotherapist, Certified HypnotistYes
Quantum Journeys HypnosisQuantum Journeys HypnosisUnited StatesEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist, Certified HypnotistYes
Mike Mandel HypnosisMike Mandel Hypnosis AcademyCanada, United States, EverywhereEnglishCertified Hypnotherapist, Certified HypnotistYes
Lesmana Care Hypnotherapy CentreProfessional HypnotherapyIndonesiaIndonesianCertified Hypnotherapist, Certified HypnotistNo

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