Get Certified

There are three ways to become certified by the IHA. You can...

  • Take an existing IHA approved course.
  • If you've taken a course that is not currently approved by the IHA, you can contact us to see if your course meets our requirements.
  • If you have belonged to another hypnosis or NLP certifying body, you can apply for reciprocal certification.

To Apply, Select One Method Below, Fill In The Form, & Submit

  • IHA Approved Course

  • Non-IHA Approved

  • Reciprocal

If you've completed an IHA Approved Course, fill in the form below, and submit it.

    Contact Information




    Select the certification for which you are applying:

    List the name(s) of the hypnosis or NLP course(s) you've completed and the organizations that held the courses.

    After submitting the form, please go here for the next step.