Become An IHA Certified Hypnotherapist, 

IHA Certified Practitioner of NLP,

IHA Certified Master Practitioner of NLP 

The International Hypnosis Association is an independent credentialing body focused on promoting the ethical use of hypnotherapy and NLP around the world.  IHA Certified Members and IHA Approved Courses have agreed abide by our "Code of Ethics & Conduct", and have met our high standards for comprehensive hypnotherapy and NLP education.

There are three simple ways to get certified as a Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner by the IHA.

  • Take an existing IHA Approved Course.  When you take an IHA Approved Course, you are pre-qualified for membership and certification.  Simply let us know when you have completed the course and send us a copy of your qualifications.
  • If you've taken a course that has not yet been approved by the IHA, we invite you to apply for membership anyway.  The process will be slightly more involved, but is still fairly simple and can be accomplished via email.
  •  We offer reciprocal certification with several other certifying bodies, so if you have belonged to another hypnosis or NLP certifying body, you can apply for reciprocal certification.

If you have already submitted an application you can Submit Supporting Documents to speed up the process.