Our Approach to Certification

CertificationsThe International Hypnosis Association certifies individuals based on their knowledge and skill level as opposed to hours spent in a classroom.

Part of our mission is to help raise the skill-level of hypnosis and NLP professionals by providing and encouraging training based on solid and proven techniques and by creating standards that encourage the same.

General Hypnosis and NLP Certifications

Apply now, for any of the general certifications listed below. The application just takes 60 seconds.


Certified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist

The individual must show mastery in hypnotizing his/her subject, must be able to induce and utilize trance, skills in hypnotic inductions, deepening techniques, and formulating and delivering suggestions.

Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

The individual must demonstrate mastery of the basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP. Knows the behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP, rapport establishment and maintenance, verbal and nonverbal pacing and leading, verbal and nonverbal elicitation of responses, calibrating through sensory experience, use of Milton model, meta model, elicitation and installation of strategies, well formed goals, use anchors in all sensory systems, submodalities, chunking, reframing, and metaphor.

Certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

The individual must demonstrate mastery of hypnotherapy and advanced NLP skills such as sleight of mouth, modeling, meta programs.

Specialized Certifications

The International Hypnosis Association understands the value of continual training and specialized certifications. Having specialized certifications gives you more credibility to work on more specific issues and gives clients more confidence that you are an expert in their specific problem. Specialized certifications are listed in your profile in the member’s directory and give you an advantage over other hypnotists. Once earning your specialized certification, you’ll get a certificate and be able to use a term such as “Smoking Cessation Specialist” in your marketing materials.

If you’d like to apply for a specialized certification, contact us, with the subject line “Specialized Certifications” and let us know what certification(s) you’re interested in. We’ll respond back with instructions.

Here are some of our specialized certifications:

  • Tobacco Cessation Specialist
  • Certified Stress Management Consultant
  • Internal Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • Hypnotic Language Mastery Specialist


Most localities do not have any regulations specific to the practice of hypnotherapy or NLP beyond the typical requirements for running a business (be sure to check where you’ll be practicing). Therefore, professionals in the field and the public at large must turn to independent hypnosis organizations for any assurance of training level. Receiving these certifications means you have met the standards of the International Hypnosis Association for those specific certifications.

The IHA is not a government body and does not convey the legal right to practice in any area. Once again, you must check with your local government to find out if there are any local requirements, laws or regulations.

If you have a course and would like to get your course qualified for certification with the International Hypnosis Association, please contact IHA.