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Using A “Tickler File” To Fill Up Your Calendar And Serve Your Clients Better

Keith Livingston

If you’re a working hypnotherapist, you’ve probably had the experience of looking at the calendar and realizing it was way too empty in the weeks ahead. When an open time-slot passes by without a client in it, that’s earning potential that’s gone forever. But it’s natural for there to be lulls in business.

How do you combat the dead spots and at the same time, do a better job for your clients?

One answer is a tickler file! It’s a practical solution with an interesting name. Tickler files are used to increase productivity in any industry where following up with people is important.

What’s A Tickler File?

A tickler file is simply a system for putting reminders in the future. It’s a system for following up with clients.

Many of your clients will have had great results from your work together. Some will have had some results but could use a follow-up. Some will not have made the progress you’d hoped. All three of those scenarios are opportunities to book additional sessions and serve your clients better.

  • Clients who’ve had outstanding results may want to book sessions to take care of other issues or give you referrals.
  • Clients who’ve had some results may wish to book sessions to finish the work.
  • A conversation with clients who haven’t made the progress we’d like may reveal a sticking point that we can work on with further sessions.

It’s a chance to serve your clients better. So, get those dead spots out of the calendar and follow-up with past clients regularly!

Suggested Schedule

Here’s what I’d suggest, as a minimum.

  1. Follow up 2 weeks after an initial appointment.
  2. Follow up in 6 months.
  3. Follow up in two years.

Now, you can use any calendar or reminder system you like to follow up.

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About the author 

Keith Livingston

I'm the Director of Education & Operations for the International Hypnosis Association. I've been training Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners for more than 20 years, and have created, or co-created more than 20 NLP/Hypnosis related programs.