Goals For 2014

By J.C.

The International Hypnosis Association’s goals for 2014 can be summed up in one phrase; “better serve our members.”

Sometimes in our field, it seems like we’re out there all alone, working to help people lead better lives. Our goal in general, and our special focus this year is to combat that feeling by providing support for our members. We hope to give you the feeling that whenever you need help, we’ll be there. Whether it’s a question about how to work with a specific client or issue, how to build your web site to get more clients, effective business practices or induction techniques, we’d like to be a place you can go for answers.

While we’ve got lots of plans in that direction, I don’t want to speak too soon. I’d rather not promise anything until things are ready to go. I will say this, though. We’re going to provide more educational programs for our members this year in what’s going to be our new Professional Development Center. The Professional Development Center will be an online portal where you can access the educational programs that come with your continued membership.

Look for more information in the coming week.


J. C. Ban: Founder and President

International Hypnosis Association

About the author 


J. C. Ban is a Mental Health Counselor, and founder of the International Hypnosis Association.