Future of Hypnosis in Malaysia
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The Future Of Hypnosis In Malaysia

Firstly, we must thank all Hypnosis Instructors who have been and are still committed to promoting hypnosis in Malaysia.

Your efforts help more people in our region benefit from hypnosis. 

To discuss the future of hypnosis in Malaysia, we need to explore this topic from two angles: 

1 Economical

2 Regulations 

The Economics of Hypnosis in Malaysia

Currently, the tuition fee of some hypnosis training providers in Malaysia is MYR10,000 or more. I personally think that this is completely uneconomical. 

For example, after completing the hypnosis course, you may not be able to find a job as a hypnotist in the market. This is the so-called uneconomical. If you take a Diploma in Accounting, you definitely can find a job in the market after you complete the course. 

Hypnosis Regulations in Malaysia

As we know, hypnosis is not regulated in Malaysia, but there is a Hypnosis Association that keeps saying that hypnosis is regulated, and even lets their members claim that they are hypnotists recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

This is deceiving the public and it is very immoral. Some hypnosis training providers state that they can issue or assist to apply licenses to their students. The problem is, where does the license come from if there are no regulations? 

I always emphasize that if someone in Malaysia tells you that they can issue a hypnosis license to you, then you better ask the hypnosis training providers to show you what government agency issued the license.

Certification and licenses are different, so please stop fooling the public. 

According to ROS Malaysia (Registry of Societies), there are about 9 associations related to hypnosis: 

1. MSCM (Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine) 

2. MSCH (Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis) 

3. AHPM (Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia) 

4. APSCCH (Asia Pacific Society of Clinical Communications and Hypnosis) 5. PAHAM (Master Hypnotist Association Malaysia) 

6. Pertubuhan Perdagangan Hipnosis Cina Malaysia 

7. CHPM (Persatuan Pengamal Hipnoterapi Klinikal Malaysia) 

8. Pertubuhan Hipnoterapi Malaysia 

9. PERPEHIM (Pertubuhan Pengamal Hipnoterapi Malaysia) 

Note: Some names are only registered in Malay language according to ROS. 

Which professions are regulated? 

1. Counsellors are regulated by the ACT580 

2. Clinical Psychologists are regulated by ACT774

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners are regulated by ACT775 

Note: If our information is wrong, please contact us immediately ([email protected] ), we will make corrections immediately after verification. 

How to choose a hypnosis association? 

There are many hypnosis associations around the world. You can refer to these guidelines when choosing a hypnosis association: 

1. The establishment (or existence) of the association is not just for a certain training provider, but open to all those qualified hypnotists. 

2. The criterion to join as a member is not on the number of hours of training, but the ability to perform hypnosis. Based on my experience, there are many hypnosis associations requiring 100  to 200 hours (or more), but you can find that their approved training providers never follow this.

In the end, I would like to invite all of the hypnotists in Malaysia to join IHA as a member.

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