Have You Completed An Hypnosis Or NLP Course?

There are several ways to become certified by the IHA.

  • Complete an existing IHA approved course.
  • If you belong to another hypnosis or NLP certifying body, you can apply for reciprocal certification.
  • If you've completed a course that is not currently approved by the IHA, you can contact us to see if your course meets our requirements.
  • If you've been practicing professionally for 3 or more years, you can apply for certification with us.

If you've taken an NLP or hypnosis course (IHA approved or not), or belong to an hypnosis or NLP certifying body, you can apply for IHA certification here. Simply fill out the form below. It's easy.

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  • IHA Approved Course

  • Non IHA Approved Course

  • Reciprocal Certification

If you've completed an IHA approved course, fill out this form, and submit it.

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    List the name(s) of the hypnosis or NLP course(s) you've completed and the organizations that held the courses.