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CertificationsIf you've taken an NLP or hypnosis course (IHA approved or not), or belong to an hypnosis or NLP certifying body you can apply for IHA certification here. Simply fill out the form below. It's easy.

There are three ways to become certified by the IHA.

  • Complete an existing IHA approved course.
  • If you belong to another hypnosis or NLP certifying body, you can apply for reciprocal certification.
  • If you've completed a course that is not currently approved by the IHA, you can contact us to see if your course meets our requirements.

Completion Time: 1 Minute

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How It Works: Step-By-Step

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    Fill out and submit the form

    Tell us your name, what certification you're applying for, what qualifications you have and submit the form.

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    After you submit the form, you'll receive instructions on how to send us your records. Typically, that involves you emailing or faxing copies of your certificates or having your instructor verify your course completion. It's easy.

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    Pay Your Dues

    As soon as your records are in order, we'll send you a link where you can pay your dues. After your dues are paid you can update your listing in the member directory, get access to your IHA program content, and grab the IHA logo to use on your web site.

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    We Send Your Certificate

    Typically, we mail your certificate within 4 business days.


Q: How do I qualify for certification?

By taking a course or through reciprocal certification.

Taking A Course: We have many courses/instructors around the world whose courses we’ve reviewed and accepted as IHA qualifying courses. If you list one of them as your qualifying course, we’ll confirm that you’ve taken the course and go forward. If you’ve taken a course we haven’t yet reviewed, we’d be happy to contact your instructor/school on your behalf and see if their training qualifies.

Reciprocal Certification: We also can certify through reciprocal certification. If you have certification through other hypnosis or NLP organizations, let us know above. We'll let you know if we accept that certification as a qualifying certification.

If you don’t qualify, we’ll give you some suggestions as to what to do to get certified.

Q: How long does it take to get my certificate?

A: We usually mail out within 4 business days of receiving an application.

Q: How do you know I've actually completed a course?

A: Depending on the course, we will...

  1. Ask you to FAX or email us a certificate of completion or other documentation showing your education,
  2. Contact your school or instructor on your behalf to confirm you've attended/completed your course,
  3. We have examinations prepared for specific courses. If you have taken a course that has an IHA exam, instructions on how to take the exam are in the course.

Dues are $75/year with discounts for multiple years.

There are lots of benefits besides a great looking certificate. Check out the “Member Benefits” tab.

Grow your practice or Enhance Your Skills: Each year you renew your membership, you’ll receive one program to help you strengthen your skills as a hypnotist, NLP practitioner or trainer.
Get Expert Help: Each year you renew, you get a 30 minute consultation on your cases or marketing your practice. This allows you to feel confident and supported knowing you are backed by experts.
Enhance Your Prestige: A beautiful wall certificate to enhance your prestige.
Client referrals: A listing on IHA’s searchable member directory can mean client referrals.
Enhance Your Professional Reputation: Certification by the IHA helps build a solid reputation as a professional hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner and ensures your clients’ trust.
Use The IHA Logo: Show your clients you’re qualified when you use the IHA logo on your web site and other marketing materials.

The IHA was formed by Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Jensine Ban. Jensine works as a psychotherapist for one of the largest health organizations in the world. Through her work with therapists, clients, and other professionals in related fields, she quickly saw the need for a dynamic, standards-based, legitimate hypnosis and NLP credentialing body. Jensine works with IHA’s Advisory Board and Regional Member Relations Coordinators, a group of highly respected hypnosis and NLP professionals to help raise the standards of hypnosis and NLP practitioners around the world.

The HA has members in 15 countries and has been in operation since 2005.