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The application process is fairly simple and can be accomplished via email.  

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    If you have taken an "IHA Approved Course", you are prequalified for IHA membership and certification select the "IHA Approved Course" tab below.  Make sure you include the name of the course and facilitator for a more streamlined application process.  Make sure you click "Send" at the bottom. You will usually receive a reply within 2 business days.
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    If you have taken a hypnotherapy or NLP course that has not yet been approved by the IHA, select the "Non IHA Approved Course" tab, fill in the form and click "Send".
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    If you are seeking certification based upon membership and certification in another certifying organization, select the "Reciprocal Certification" tab, fill in the form, and click "Send".

We look forward to welcoming you to our global family.

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If you've completed an IHA approved course, fill out this form, and submit it.

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    If you need more information, visit  IHA Membership & Certification Information