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Get IHA hypnotherapy certification, NLP certification, or Multiple certifications in as little as a week!

IHA Member Pricing

Annual Membership*

3 Year Membership**





Prices are in US dollars.

*Annual & 3 Year memberships are renewable for same cost/terms. These memberships include 1 bonus program per year.

**Lifetime membership has no renewal fees and includes access to all bonus programs immediately.

IHA Member Benefits

  • Globally recognized certification by an independent professional organization
  • Multiple certifications at no additional cost
  • A profile page on IHA’s web site
  • Client referrals
  • Bonus educational programs
  • Yearly 30 minute free consult
  • Access to networking via social media

IHA Member Application

The application process is FREE, and can be accomplished online with no payment information required.

If you have already completed hypnosis, hypnotherapy or NLP training, getting certified with the IHA is quick and easy.

Looking for a certification course? Check out our list of qualifying courses on the IHA Approved Courses page.

The International Hypnosis Association

Hypnosis & NLP Certification Recognized Around The World

The International 
Hypnosis Association

The International Hypnosis Association is a hypnosis organization recognized worldwide. We offer certification for hypnosis and NLP practitioners, as well as NLP and hypnosis course accreditation.

The IHA focuses on qualifications and ethics when approving members and courses, ensuring that our members meet our high standards for excellence. 

We serve our members personally, while keeping the process for membership and IHA hypnotherapy certification and NLP certification streamlined and accessible.

The International Hypnosis Association: Creating A Global Community

We recognize that you have options when looking for a hypnosis organization. Whether you are an individual seeking certification, or a course facilitator seeking accreditation in order to offer high quality credentials to your students, we know that you want to be able to trust us.

Trust us to respond to your needs. Trust us to have an objective qualifying process. Trust us to offer credentials that will reassure your students and clients that THEY can trust YOU.

There are other hypnosis organizations out there, some of them bigger than we are. Some of them seem fancier. Some of them talk a good game.

Schools/Trainers - Get Your Course Approved

Get Your Course Approved & Listed

You can offer IHA hypnotherapy certification and NLP credentials when you have an IHA Approved Course. The process if free and can be accomplished online.

So why choose the IHA? 

Because we choose YOU.

We are creating an international community. Each year, more and more individuals and course facilitators join our global family, helping people in their region have access to effective and ethically practiced hypnotherapy and NLP.

Membership with the International Hypnosis Association is becoming recognized as a global standard for practitioners who are trustworthy, safe, and effective.

International Hypnosis Association

About the IHA

Despite having roots that go back to the 1960s, the International Hypnosis Association is a modern hypnosis organization offering membership in a global community with hypnosis and NLP credentials.


Membership includes more than just professional credentials.  We offer consultation on cases, programs to help with marketing and business, ethics guidance and programs to help you build skill with Hypnosis & NLP.

Join The IHA

Join Us

IHA Membership includes certification as well as additional benefits.

The application process is quick, easy, and can be accomplished via email.

Let's face it - the practice of hypnotherapy and NLP is not well regulated around the world. People need to have a way to feel safe and able to trust the practitioner they are considering for help. That is WHY your future clients want you to be certified by an independent, trustworthy organization. So they can trust YOU, because they can trust us.

An Independent 3rd Party

There are hypnosis organizations that exist solely to sell you their own hypnosis courses. So they just slap a label on themselves to appear to be something they are not. Their courses may not have had any review by any objective external source, so you may or may not be getting a reliable education or credentials.

The International Hypnosis Association is an independent hypnosis and NLP credentialing organization. In other words, while we do have member fees, we are not selling you any courses. Our sole purpose is to ensure that our members and the courses we approve ALL meet our high standards.

The IHA is an objective 3rd party. If a course has the IHA's stamp of approval, it means we have reviewed their course content by an objective set of criteria. 

IHA course approval is 100% FREE. It cannot be bought. This is to ensure that the review and acceptance process remains unbiased.

What IHA Membership Means

Our members have ALL received a quality hypnosis and/or NLP education, have been evaluated and proven their competence, and have agreed to abide by our Code Of Ethics. We keep our membership fees low and offer free ongoing educational bonus programs and member support.

We want to do everything we can to promote the ethical, accessible, and effective practice of hypnosis and NLP everywhere, because we believe these tools can help change people's lives all over the world.