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 IHA Approved Courses Prequalify for IHA Certification

Hypnosis and NLP Course Facilitators:

Give your students confidence in you, and the assurance that once they complete your course they WILL qualify for IHA certification and membership. 

Having an IHA Approved Course means something.  Standards of content, education, accessibility and ethics.  

Future students can find your course listed on our "IHA Approved Courses" page, and easily follow a link back to your own website for more information.  

Submit your course for certification now.  In order to keep our standards high and our ethics reliable, we do not charge for IHA Course Approval.

Offering your students the benefits of IHA certification adds value to your courses, and assurance and credibility that your potential students can count on.

Individual Certification:

Get certified as a Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner.

The International Hypnosis Association provides membership and credentials for individuals who have completed the necessary coursework to meet our membership requirements, and who agree to abide by our "Code of Ethics and Conduct". 

Become certified by the IHA as a "Certified Hypnotherapist", "Certified Hypnotist", "Certified Practitioner of NLP", or "Certified Master Practitioner of NLP", and join a global family of practitioners dedicated to serving their clients effectively and ethically.

When you are certified by the IHA your clients can trust you, because we do.

If you have not yet received your education in hypnosis or NLP, feel free to look at our list of IHA Approved Courses.

About the IHA

The International Hypnosis Association (IHA) provides hypnosis/hypnotherapy and NLP credentials and certification worldwide.  We certify courses and practitioners, ensuring quality education and promoting a strong ethical foundation of practice.


Membership includes more than just professional credentials.  We offer consultation on cases, programs to help with marketing and business, ethics guidance and programs to help you build skill with NLP & Hypnosis.  And we're working to provide the support you need to succeed.

Join Us

Membership with the IHA provides credibility as you receive certification as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner or master practitioner.

The application process is quick, easy, and can be accomplished via email.